Hat care

Handwoven Panama hats can be just as much art as they are fashion, and some extra care should be taken when handling and wearing them.
Take your Panama hat on and off by it’s brim, and not by its pinch (the posted part of the crown). Regular handling of the pinch can cause the straw to crease. The more that you can avoid this, the better protect you your Panama and will good look.
We recommend never wearing your Panama in the rain. The straw can absorb moisture, and this can damage the material. I do not recommend trying to waterproof your Panama hat.
A note on rollable Panama hats: Toquilla straw hats are woven in different degrees, from grade 0 to 40. The higher the grade, the thinner the straw used and the longer it takes to weave it. One Ecuadorian weaver works up to nine months on the highest grade hats (grade 30 and more). Only such an exclusive hat can be rolled up without jeopardizing its integrity. In general, I recommend to fold the hats as infrequently as possible to retain the integrity of the straw. Rather than rolling up your Panama hat I recommend to use a hat box which you can find on my website. High grade hats are tailor made and need to be ordered separately. If you are interested in wearing an exclusive high grade hat, please do not hesitate to contact me.
When you are travelling with your Panama hat I recommend you transport your Panama hat in a hat box or bags which in itself looks fashion and exclusive. You will find hat boxes on my website. Otherwise, the best option is to put your Panama hat on while travelling 😊
When it comes to storing your Panama hat, you have to store your hat either upside down on its crown, or on a suitable hook or hat stand. This will help maintain brim-shape, and reduce the amount of dust or muck that settles on in.
If your hats are going into storage for the off-season, we recommend using a sturdy box packed with acid-free tissue to support its brim and crown. Also throw in some silica packs (the little de-humidifiers that come in shoe boxes and new bags) and some moth-balls or lavender soap. This will reduce the chance of any nasty surprises the next time you wear it.